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reative illing olutions, nc. provides a full range of billing services and can custom design a solution to fit the specific needs of any medical practice or institution, or commercial enterprise. We can structure a plan providing full billing services as well as limited services on an as-needed basis. Our services include:

The team members of reative illing olutions, nc. have over 25 years of experience providing physician billing services, working with family practices, neonatal, dermatology, anesthesia, trauma, transplant, obstetrics, chiropractic, orhopaedic, allergy, plastic surgery, and emergency care providers.

We are proud to be members in good standing of the AAPC, AMBA, MMI, ARHCP, and the National Professional Women's Association. Contact reative illing olutions, nc. today and learn more about our wide array of services, and how we can help improve your efficiency, customer satisfaction, and bottom line of profitabiltiy.

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